Art Lead, FX

    POSTED 9.28.2017
    JOB NUMBER: 159058BR

    summary of position

    NetherRealm Studios, a division of WB Games Inc. seeks a Lead FX Artist who will be responsible for creating, as well as leading an FX team in creating, FX assets of the highest quality while working on one or more AAA projects the studio may be developing. This person will work closely with the Director of Art to ensure aesthetics quality is kept at the highest bar. This person will also be responsible for developing and implementing a production schedule in collaboration with the assigned Producer. When needs for the project dictate, the Lead FX Artist will collaborate with the Outsourcing Manager to augment the internal team with one or more outsourcing partners to complete all required FX related assets.

    job responsibilities

    • The Lead FX Artist will work directly with FX team members, other art leads, and with internal technical departments to spearhead R&D for tools and technology development targeted as successfully delivering on the evolving needs of the products. Likewise, the Lead FX Artist will look at improving internal workflows and processes to optimize our internal development while delivering against the aesthetic aspirations set by the Director of Art.
      • Collaborate with assigned Producer in day-to-day tasking of assignments to members of the FX team.
      • Project future team production capabilities based on historical performance and potential approaches
      • Ensure clear communication of aesthetic targets for the FX team as established by the Director of Art and in collaboration with the staff FX artist(s)
      • Ensure FX team goals are coordinated across FX artists working on disparate sub-disciplines
      • Communicate with other leads to ensure coordination between the FX art team and other discipline teams
      • Use industry standard 2D and 3D packages as well as proprietary tools to create FX assets for assigned development projects
        • Assets will vary from simple particle systems to complex interactive or gameplay-driven FX
      • Creates production templates for communication with outsourcers to ensure compliance with standards
      • Creates training materials and construction examples that can serve as training tools for onboarding junior FX artists
      • Collaborate with staff FX artists on developing “best practices” for asset creation
      • Act as a role-model for artists by emphasizing project and company goals while executing on assigned development needs
      • Clarify and ensure adherence to organizational goals, including adherence to file structures, naming conventions, and any other established protocols
      • Provide feedback on a day-to-day basis on content creation to ensure quality is being maintained and specific visual targets being met for created FX content
      • Mentor and train FX artists on aesthetic and production skills

    job requirements

    • Five or more years of art and design experience on at least three shipped game titles required
    • One or more years as a team lead, preferably on a current-gen console development
    • Must possess good artistic skills and a working knowledge of 2D/3D art production
    • A BA in art or related field or equivalent experience
    • Should have strong working knowledge of authoring tools for real-time particle systems?---Experience with Unreal 3 and Cascade preferred
    • Must be proficient in 3D modeling using Maya or 3D Studio Max
    • Must be proficient with multiple 2D applications, including Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop, and various similar applications
    • Proficiency with creating simulations, exporting, and rendering from Houdini desired
    • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
    • Ability to work well under pressure and deadlines
    • Strong understanding of modern real-time 3D engines
    • Experience and understanding of art pipelines on Xbox One and/or PS4 is desired
    • Solid personal organization skills
    • Ability to self-manage and meet deadlines
    • Strong interest in computer or video games
    • Self-motivated
    • Ability to work well in a team environment